American Theatre

Event Information

Butler's American Theatre [444 Bdway--before 3/66]

Proprietor / Lessee:
Robert W. [manager] Butler

Manager / Director:
John M. La Thorne

Fred Van Olker

Ballet Director / Choreographer:
Paul Brilliant

Event Type:
Variety / Vaudeville

Record Information


Last Updated:
6 June 2013

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

16 Feb 1863, Evening
17 Feb 1863, Evening
18 Feb 1863, Evening
19 Feb 1863, Evening
20 Feb 1863, Evening
21 Feb 1863, Evening
21 Feb 1863, 2:30 PM

Program Details

Rose of Glen Mary (ballet divertissement) includes:
1st Ent[illeg.] Dansante (Corps de ballet)
2nd S[illeg.] Dance ([illeg.] and corps de ballet)
3rd Pas de Trois (Flora, Walby, Blake)
4th Anglaise (Corps de ballet)

“Unidentified Irish song” and “Irish Donnybrook jig” are included within Recollection of O'Flanagan and the fairies.

Performers and/or Works Performed

Composer(s): Emmett
aka Bayadere, La; Bayadere & Co.
Composer(s): Auber
aka Rose of Glenmary
aka Great contortion act
aka Recollection of O'Flanagan and the fairies; O'Flanagan and the fairies; O'Flannigan and the fairies;
Participants:  James F. Wambold (role: Lanty Maguffin);  Tommy Gettings (role: Tearin Duffy);  Thomas Grattan Riggs (role: Phelim OâFlanagan, a broth of a boy);  Fred Shaw (role: Fogmus);  Augusta Walby (role: Sporting Molly);  George [vocal/banjo] Warren (role: Billy Goleary);  Annie Chester (role: Bridget OâFlanagan);  Louise Walby (role: Fairy Snowdrop);  Mr. M. [variety] Hayes (role: Jack the Snowman);  A. (Miss) [American Theatre] Howard (role: Mary OâFlanagan)
aka Irish Donnybrook jig


Advertisement: New York Herald, 15 February 1863, 7.
List of performers. “Monteverde, the great Spanish contortionist . . . Walby, The artistic Dancer from the Western Theatres . . . Charley White, the leader of all negro comedians, author of all the successful Ethiopian farces, burlesques and extravaganzas of the day . . . Baldwin, the great Indian juggler and Necromancer. J. Wambold, the unequalled Banjoist, unrivalled in his imitation of birds . . . [Gettings, Riggs, Warren, Shaw and] Master Tommy In their mirth creating Comicalities and Ethiopian Extravaganzas, Songs, Dances, &c.”
Advertisement: New York Herald, 16 February 1863, 7.
Advertisement: New York Herald, 18 February 1863, 7.
Program and more performers.
Advertisement: New York Herald, 20 February 1863, 7.
Advertisement: New York Herald, 21 February 1863, 7.
Mlle. Louise and Louise Walby are listed separately in the ad.