Vocal Concert

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Irving Hall

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25 January 2016

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

07 May 1867, Evening

Program Details

Performed by pupils of Mr. Manzoulin, voice instructor.


Review: New York Herald, 09 May 1867, 3.

“One of the best attended and most successful of such entertainments.  There was a large and fashionable audience to hear how well this excellent maestro educates his pupils.  The ladies who sang certainly did credit to the master.  But Mr. Manzoulin, who is recognized as among the first, or the first, of teachers here in singing, must look sharply after his laurels; for we understand there is in the city a maestro who lately arrived of the highest standing abroad, and who is spoken of in the highest terms of praise by those who have heard and seen his method.”