National Hall, Harlem

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National Hall [Harlem]

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11 February 2016


Announcement: New York Clipper, 08 June 1867, 70, 3d col., top.
Review: New York Clipper, 15 June 1867, 78, 2d col., middle .

“Mrs. Julia Morris, the talented and vivacious soprano, gave a first class concert at National Hall, Harlem, on the 4th inst., which was attended by a large delegation from Morrisania, but ought to have been better attended by Harlemites.  The star of the evening was Mrs. Morris, of course, while W. K. Bassford, pianist, and Mr. Poznanski, violinist, realized an equal share of favor from the audience.  They are both masters of their respective instruments.  The other talent who assisted were Miss C. V. Hutchings, contralto;

L.P. Thatcher, tenor; and Sig. S. Strini, basso.  The latter is a capital singer and a most comical fellow, as the mirth of the audience fully attested.”