Eighth Avenue Opera House

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Eighth Avenue Opera House

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24 February 2016

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23 Sep 1867, Evening
24 Sep 1867, Evening
25 Sep 1867, Evening
26 Sep 1867, Evening
27 Sep 1867, Evening
28 Sep 1867, Evening

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Advertisement: New York Herald, 23 September 1867.
Announcement: New York Clipper, 28 September 1867, 198.
“JOHNNY THOMPSON, song and dance man, met with a very hearty reception at the Eighth Avenue Opera House, and is drawing the biggest kind of houses. We made an attempt to get in the Opera on Saturday night, but there wasn’t even standing room, the sale of tickets being stopped long before the performance commenced. There are eighteen solo performers. Miss Crissie CARNAVAN, vocalist, and Harry Bloodgood, comedian and stump orator were amongst the new faces last week, and this week Maggie Vernon, danseuse, and Mr. Andrews, a Philadelphia actor, make their bow to a west side audience. W. B. Cavanaugh’s burletta, ‘The Nymphs of the Caribbean Sea,’ holds the boards well, and we are promised a negro burlesque entitled ‘Under the Lamp Post.” If successful in getting a sight during the current week, we shall know more about it and say so. Messrs. Hart and Kerns seem to be live managers.”