Kelly and Leon’s Minstrels

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Kelly and Leon's Minstrels Hall (720 Broadway)

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20 February 2016

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

17 Jun 1867, 8:00 PM
18 Jun 1867, 8:00 PM
19 Jun 1867, 8:00 PM
20 Jun 1867, 8:00 PM
21 Jun 1867, 8:00 PM
22 Jun 1867, 8:00 PM

Program Details

Final week.

Performers and/or Works Performed


Advertisement: New York Herald, 17 June 1867, 7.
Advertisement: New-York Times, 17 June 1867, 7.
Announcement: New York Clipper, 20 June 1867, 86, 2d col., top.
Review: New York Herald, 20 June 1867, 7.

“Kelly & Leon seem to have reserved their best performances for this their last week in this city.”  

Advertisement: New York Clipper, 22 June 1867, 87.
Review: New York Clipper, 29 June 1867, 94, 2d col., middle.

“The last week of Kelly and Leon’s Minstrels was as brilliant as was their opening week.  With the exception of Tuesday, when the night was very stormy, the attendance was fair.  Mr. George Guy has lately joined the quartet, and sang last week the ballad of ‘Pour out the Rhein Wine.’  Mr. Kelly also sang a new ballad by John Ordway called ‘Tell me, darling, that you love me.’  The words and music are very fine, and were sung in Mr. Kelly’s best style.’”