Kelly and Leon’s Minstrels

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Kelly and Leon's Minstrels Hall (720 Broadway)

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18 April 2016

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

26 Nov 1866, Evening
27 Nov 1866, Evening
28 Nov 1866, Evening
29 Nov 1866, Evening
30 Nov 1866, Evening
01 Dec 1866, Evening

Program Details

First appearance of William H. Brockway on November 26, 1866.

Two doves includes the songs “Ah non giunge” and “Il bacio.”

Performers and/or Works Performed

aka Ah! non giunge uman pensiero
Composer(s): Bellini
aka Kiss; Kuss, Der
Composer(s): Arditi
Participants:  Francis Leon


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Advertisement: New York Herald, 26 November 1866.
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Advertisement: New York Herald, 29 November 1866, 5.

“A crowded house and an entertaining programme were the principal features at Kelly and Leon’s handsome little theatre last evening. Several songs, admirably sung, were followed by the Taming of the Butterfly and the Two Doves, in which Messrs. Kelly and Leon brought down the house. The champion clog dancer, Sands, after exhibiting his remarkable dexterity in the heavy-soled terpsichorean art, and receiving a round of hearty applause, gave place to Messrs. Christy and Seymour’s Shakespearean revival, when the fate of the gentle Desdemona, contrary to established usage, elicited not the tears but the laughter of the audience. The balance of the programme was equally entertaining, and the several pieces were heartily applauded.”

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