Band Serenade for Governor Fenton

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25 April 2016

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26 Nov 1866, 9:00 PM

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The event was held in an open square immediately contiguous to the Fifth-avenue Hotel.

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Review: New-Yorker Staats-Zeitung und Herold, 27 November 1866, 8.

“About 8:30 o’clock last evening a large and interested gathering of citizens assembled in the open square immediately contiguous to the Fifth-avenue Hotel, for the purpose of seeing, and, if possible, hearing Gov. Reuben E. Fenton, who was to be serenaded at 9 o’clock by his personal and political friends. By that hour the crowd numbered fully five thousand persons, and they were quite orderly in their demeanor. Soon after 9 o’clock Grafulla's Seventh Regiment Band, of forty-five pieces, arrived on the ground and began the serenade, the musical programme being interrupted at intervals by set pieces of pyrotechnics. The most noticeable of these was an eagle with outspread wings, having ‘Reuben E. Fenton’ beneath. On either side were the mottoes, ‘The Able Governor and the Honest Man,’ and ‘The Empire State Knows and Honors the Man.’”