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Mechanic's Hall

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7 July 2016

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29 Oct 1866, 8:00 PM
30 Oct 1866, 8:00 PM
31 Oct 1866, 8:00 PM
01 Nov 1866, 8:00 PM
02 Nov 1866, 8:00 PM
03 Nov 1866, 2:30 PM
03 Nov 1866, 8:00 PM

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Text Author: White
Participants:  Charley White


Announcement: New York Herald, 29 October 1866, 5.
Advertisement: New York Herald, 29 October 1866, 7.
Review: New York Herald, 31 October 1866, 7.

“Charley White’s always attractive and entertaining, was more than usually so last evening. To say that the house was crowded with an appreciative and enthusiastic audience would convey but a faint idea of the immense jam that filled the hall. The great variety of the entertainments that are here offered would fill a house of double the capacity of the present one, but the manager does not wait until the pieces are worn threadbare and are no longer capable of drawing full houses, before altering his programme; but outstrips all of his competitors in the managerial ring, leading the van by continually adding to his already brilliant stock, and offering to the public new burlesques, extravaganzas, songs and ballets every week. 

Last evening the sensational extravaganza of The Victim was given for the second time and was well received. The negro eccentricities and delineations of Messrs. Seymour, Kerns and Hart were as happily rendered as ever, and failed not to bring down the house. Charley White, as Mr. Rodgers, in his original farce of The New York Policy Shop, was inimitable, and kept the audience in a continued roar of laughter from its commencement to the end. There is a refreshing smack of genuineness and originality about Manager White’s acting that makes his performance all the more enjoyable. As a dignified old plantation darkey he is without an equal, and must be seen as such to be properly appreciated.”

Announcement: New York Clipper, 03 November 1866, 238.
Advertisement: New York Clipper, 03 November 1866, 240.