Eighth Avenue Opera House

Event Information

Eighth Avenue Opera House

Proprietor / Lessee:
Josh Hart [actor, minstrel]
Frank Kerns

David Braham

Event Type:
Variety / Vaudeville

Record Information


Last Updated:
2 September 2016

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

29 Jul 1867, Evening
30 Jul 1867, Evening
31 Jul 1867, Evening
01 Aug 1867, Evening
02 Aug 1867, Evening
03 Aug 1867, Matinee
03 Aug 1867, Evening

Performers and/or Works Performed


Review: New York Clipper, 10 August 1867, 142, 3d col., top.

“THE EIGHTH AVENUE OPERA HOUSE continues to meet with a succession of crowded audiences under the management of Josh Hart and Frank Kerns, two popular performers. W.B. Cavanagh puts in an appearance this week. Tim Hayes, clog dancer, who was favorably received last week, remains; also, all the popular favorites”