Harmonia Gesangverein Annual Ball: 18th

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Germania Assembly Rooms

E. H. Pinkert [conductor]

Price: $1

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8 January 2017

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

09 Dec 1867, 8:00 PM

Performers and/or Works Performed

Composer(s): Raff
aka Soldier's farewell; Farewell
Composer(s): Kinkel


Advertisement: New-Yorker Staats-Zeitung und Herold, 06 December 1867, 6.

The piano for the concert is provided by the Central Pianoforte Comp.

Announcement: New-Yorker Musik-Zeitung, 07 December 1867, 283.

The Harmonia chorus gives a concert and ball today at the Germania Assembly Rooms.

Announcement: New-Yorker Staats-Zeitung und Herold, 09 December 1867, 8.
Review: New-Yorker Staats-Zeitung und Herold, 10 December 1867, 8.

(…) Although Raff’s piece exceeded the skill level of the chorus, it was still performed fairly well, namely the beautifully waving middle section. In Kinkel’s piece, the chorus performed some excellent piano sections. Both pieces were accompanied by a young pianist, who played on a newly designed Agrassenpiano of the Central-Pianoforte Co..The instrument displayed a fullness and beauty of sound.

Review: New-Yorker Musik-Zeitung, 14 December 1867, 299.

The program was not as rich and varied as the Beethoven Chorus concert the night before. However, the Harmonia Chorus proved their diligence and ambition with the performance of the two pieces. The conductor, Pinkert, gave himself a challenging task by performing the mighty composition of Raff’s “Wachet auf” with a 40 member chorus. With his able guidance; however, the chorus did well even in the difficult parts at the end. As far as we know this was the first time this choral piece was performed in New York. Considering he is an amateur, the baritone Keller, a member of the chorus, sang the solo well, despite his insufficient high notes. The second piece was “Ritter’s Abschied” by Johanna Kinkel, which has become a favorite since the Arion Chorus chose it for its concerts. The Harmonia chorus gave a beautiful and, in all aspects, pleasing performance of this work. Just like at the Beethoven concert, the Central Pianoforte Co. offered one of their excellent pianos for the performance. (…).