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Cooper Institute

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15 August 2018

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16 Jun 1868, Evening

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Readings from English literature; music. Charitable performance to raise funds for the release of O’Donovan Rossa, imprisoned for life in Dublin for editing and publishing a “seditious” newspaper. Performances by several unidentified professional musicians. Introduction by the Hon. James T. Brady.

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Announcement: New York Sun, 15 June 1868, 2.

“A wife and yet a widow—for her husband is condemned to spend his life in an English prison—the case of Mrs. O’Donovan Rossa, who appears tomorrow evening at Cooper Institute, introduced by the Hon. James T. Brady, must excite the sympathy of all who have hearts to feel for undeserved misfortune. The lady is yet in early youth, endowed with great attractions, a poetess of more than average genius, as her late volume shows, and with a natural talent for dramatic reading, to which she now turns, both for her own support and to procure money for appealing her husband’s case to some of the higher courts of England, with a vow to have the tyrannical rulings and unjust sentence of Judge Norberry Keogh against her patriotic and gallant husband set aside and reversed. O’Donovan Rossa, in 1865, was editor of the Irish People, with Clark Luby and several others, nearly all of whom are now in English prisons, under similar or shorter sentences; and the decision that would set him free would also liberate all his companions condemned for connection with the same newspaper. The entertainment to-morrow evening will be illustrated with songs, music, recitations from the American poets by Prof. Frobisher, and we trust will be both largely and brilliantly attended.”

Announcement: New-York Times, 15 June 1868, 5.