Article on the La Grange-Brignoli Italian Opera Company

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Pike's Opera House

Proprietor / Lessee:
Max Strakosch

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20 August 2018

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17 Jan 1868

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Article: New York Herald, 17 January 1868, 4.

“The latest attempt to establish Italian opera in this city, inaugurated at Pike’s opera House by Strakosch, has been very successful so far, and the magnificent Opera House and the great artist—La Grange—have attracted many admirers every night. The manager, with such a good start, should win in the grand race for public favor in which every place of amusement is entered for the season. He should remember, however, that nothing short of perpetual novelty—and that always of a first class standard—can insure the success of his enterprise. The troupe engaged at the present at the new Opera House is an excellent one and will do very well for this season. But for subsequent seasons the fiat of the public is novelty either in artists or in operas. The non-observance of this general order of the amusement public of the metropolis was the rock on which Maretzek was wrecked. In compliance with the wishes of the stockholders of the old opera house the short-sighted impresario persisted in thrusting forward third rate artists before the public, and he met the fate that everyone who adopts the same course must suffer. The present manager has now everything in his favor—a splendid house, an appreciative public, with plenty of money and no stockholders. It is unjust to charage a want of taste on the part of the New York public because Italian opera has had so many disastrous failures. We send away the fine artists to Europe every year who rise to the highest positions in art among the magnates of the Old World. A taste for music has, of late years, increased among us to such an extent that there are few if any families who do not claim an artist or an amateur as one of their members. All that is necessary for the success of Italian opera is to present first class talent, good operas, constant novelties, and to keep clear of all cliques and monopolies. By steadily pursuing this course the presnt home of the opera on Twenty-third street will be a permanent one.”