Unione e Fratellanza Italiana Annual Ball: 5th

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Irving Hall

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5 September 2018

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

27 Jan 1868, Evening

Program Details

Benefit of the Italian evening school for adults.


Review: New York Herald, 28 January 1868, 8.

“The fifth annual ball of this popular Italian society came off last evening at Irving Hall, under the immediate supervision of the Consul General of Italy, and was a grand success. The ball was for the benefit of the Italian evening school for adults, which was established in this city some four years ago under the auspices of the above organization [Unione e Fratellanza Italiana], and the sum of money realized last evening we trust will enable the society to push its useful and benevolent undertakings still further. The room was just filled enough to permit of comfortable dancing, and the sport was kept up uninterruptedly until daylight. The room was handsomely decorated with the Italian colors, and two excellent bands were in attendance and discoursed most delicious music, which sent hundreds of merry feet flying round the room until the faint gray streaks appeared in the Eastern horizon.”