Mozart Maenner Chor Pic-Nic and Concert

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Proprietor / Lessee:
F. [Senior] Landmann

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Last Updated:
10 September 2018


Announcement: New-Yorker Staats-Zeitung und Herold, 22 August 1863, 8.

“The above society [Mozart Männer Chor] will hold this year’s picnic at Landmann’s Hamilton Park, 66th St. and 3rd Avenue, on Sunday the 23rd of August 1863. In the same way as we will do everything to make this festival a true folk festival, we have kindly invited friends and patrons, and politely invited a general respectable public, in which to indulge in a merry day. The following clubs have pledged their friendly cooperation: Hudson City Liedertafel, Schillerbund, Soc. Ref. Gesangverein, Sängerinst, Soc, Ref. Liedertafel, Allemania Männerchor, Frohsinn, N.Y. Lyra Männerchor, Bloomingdale Liederkranz, Harmonia, and several others. L. Kirchhof, Pres., H. Kücking, corres. Sec.”