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30 December 2018

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19 Dec 1868

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Article: New-Yorker Musik-Zeitung, 19 December 1868, 315.

The concerts of our choruses have been mostly monotone. The programs are frequently filled with old choral pieces and even older orchestral pieces, if there is not an occasional pleasant solo recital to be enjoyed. It seems as if the concerts are only used to attract people to the following ball.

It was the same this year. Although the Schillerbund, the N.Y. Allgemeine Sängerbund, Armenia, Euphonia, and other choruses performed acceptable singing, some of them even performed big masterworks; i.e. the Schillerbund the “Bachus chorus” from the “Hermannsschlacht” and the Allgemeine Sängerbund “Kriegers Tod”, nothing else seems noteworthy.

The Harmonia deserves acknowledgement for the first novelty this year: Rubinstein’s “Der Morgen” performed with orchestra. It was executed rather well. The composition is so appealing that we don’t doubt, it will be used by other choruses in the future.