Deutscher Liederkranz Soirée: 2nd

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Liederkranz Hall

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31 December 2018

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

20 Dec 1868

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No time given.

Performers and/or Works Performed

Composer(s): Gernsheim
Composer(s): Bennett
aka Wenn Sängers Lippen bebend
Composer(s): Abt
aka Ocean, though mighty waste
Composer(s): Weber
Participants:  Louise Orloff
Composer(s): Mayer [composer]
Participants:  Sebastian Bach Mills


Announcement: New-Yorker Musik-Zeitung, 19 December 1868, 315.

The Liederkranz will have its second soiree at the Liederkranz Hall on the 20th.  Many novelties will be performed. The pianist Mills will participate.

Review: New-Yorker Musik-Zeitung, 26 December 1868, 329.

Performed were, among other pieces, novelties such as a new song by Abt, Gernsheim and Sterndale’s Greek war song “Salamis”, Bennett’s cantata “Die Maikönigin” and Abt’s “Sängers Gruft.” The latter is quite popular among singers due to its wistfully sweet tone, reminding of another Abt song: “Die Wasserrose”. It was performed with accuracy, confidence and sensitive nuancing throughout. The Gernsheim composition was also well received. We recommend this piece for mass choruses. Sterndale Bennett’s “Maikönigin” was despite the melodic flow of the singing, not able to captivate the audience. The solos in the cantata were not satisfactory, whereas the Liederkranz performed the choral parts perfectly. Miss Orloff, whose voice has lost much of its fullness, strength and metallic sound since last winter, sang the big aria from Oberon “Ozean, Du Ungeheuer”. She could not live up to the demands of this work, neither in vocal strength nor dramatic expression. Mills again played Meyer’s [Mayer’s] fantasy on motifs from The Mute. He presented the new concert grand piano by Weber with beauty. The instrument has a full, round, and noble sound, and it gained as much admiration as the pianist.