Deutscher Liederkranz General Meeting

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Liederkranz Hall

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6 January 2019

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22 Dec 1868, Evening

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Article: New-Yorker Musik-Zeitung, 26 December 1868, 329/330.

The German Liederkranz is forced to buy land and build a new location for their chorus, because the memberships counts 1100 people by now, which cannot be housed by their locale on 4th street much longer. In an extra general meeting last Tuesday, W. Steinway announced that he purchased property on the corner of Lexington and 37th street for the total amount of $70,000 with a deposit of only $10,000. He would be willing to sell the property to the Liederkranz if they are interested. Dr. Petzold reported that if the annual membership fees would be raised to $24, all the costs would be covered. A proposal about the membership increase was made, and approved to be put on the agenda for the next general meeting. A discussion about the pros and cons of the property offered by Steinway followed, which led to no conclusion. It was decided that alternative properties in different areas of the city should be found and considered in addition to the one offered (…)