Tony Pastor’s Opera House

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Tony Pastor's Opera House

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Variety / Vaudeville

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9 January 2019

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

19 Oct 1868, 8:00 PM
20 Oct 1868, 8:00 PM
21 Oct 1868, 2:30 PM
21 Oct 1868, 8:00 PM
22 Oct 1868, 8:00 PM
23 Oct 1868, 8:00 PM
24 Oct 1868, 2:30 PM
24 Oct 1868, 8:00 PM

Performers and/or Works Performed

Participants:  Tony Pastor


Announcement: New York Herald, 19 October 1868.

This week, in addition to his usual sketches, songs, and dances, Pastor brings out a new drama entitled, “1968, or New York a Hundred Years Hence.” They also perform a burlesque on No Thoroughfare.

Advertisement: New York Herald, 19 October 1868, 9.

Only citation to list Dick Turpin and Tom King in program.

Review: New York Herald, 21 October 1868, 7.

“Another potpourri bill at this popular establishment this week has so far drawn the accustomed crowded houses and gives promise of the continued favor. Variety is the motto of the management here and novely its rallying cry. In addition to changes in the programme changes likewise occur in the performers. Constancy is no more a democratic virtue than inconstancy is an aristocratic vice. The east side forgets its whilom favorites quite as readily as the west. Thus devotion and admiring regard which the wearers of [fashion?] and munchers of peanuts here once bore towards the Engel has been as loyally transferred to Miss Alice Seidler and is quite as demonstratively exhibited. Billy Emmett, Frank Kerns and Johnny Thompson gather the homage that was previously tendered their predecessors, new danseuses receive the meed of approbation ever generously awarded the fair by their rough but impressionable devotees; and lest it be invidiously inferred it may be said in each case with equal merit. Tony Pastor still reigns first in the hearts of his patrons, not alone for the varied feast of amusement he presents, but for his own share in making it up. A new extravaganza, entitled ‘1968, or New York a Hundred Years Hence,’ is the concluding piece this week. It is most amusing.”

Announcement: New York Clipper, 24 October 1868, 230.
Advertisement: New York Clipper, 24 October 1868, 231.