North East Sängerbund of New York Delegates’ Meeting

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Harmonia Gesangverein Club House

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27 April 2019

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08 Nov 1868

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No time given.


Article: New-Yorker Musik-Zeitung, 14 November 1868, 233.

In the delegate’s meeting of the North East Sängerbund on the 8th, Anschütz was unanimously elected as the new conductor. His term of office will equal the other officers’, and his pay will be the same as that of former conductor Paur. Paur was then acknowledged and gratitude expressed for his promotion of German singing. He was made an honorable member of the North East Sängerbund.

Funk’s Union Park was booked for the concert on Whit Monday. The Harmonia Club House at 100 Prince Street will be the temporary meeting place. The Schwäbische Liederkranz left the North East Sängerbund with the explanation that they want to give all their time and energy to their own chorus. Another chorus, however, joined the Sängerbund: the Brooklyn Sängerbund.  The next meeting will be on the 22nd at 3 p.m.