Article on dilapidated theaters

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Wallack's Theatre
Niblo's Garden
Booth's Theatre
Grand Opera House
New-York Theatre (1866-69)
Brougham's Theatre

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3 May 2019

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20 Mar 1869


Article: New York Herald, 20 March 1869, 4.

“It would be a clever stroke of policy to tear down the dirty-looking edifice called the ‘New York theatre’ and rebuild on its site another theatre worthy of Mr. Stewart’s enormous wealth and the preeminent title presumptuously given the ci-devant mosque by its first theatrical occupants. Then about $25,000 might be discreetly and profitably applied to the repainting and redecoration of the dingy frescoing of Niblo’s Garden, the ‘first theatre in America’ and the ‘coolest establishment in the city.’ In these days of gilt, gas, gaiters and greenbacks the owners and lessees of theatres must get aboard early if they wish to go along with the ‘new departure.’ No more uncomfortable seats, no more dust and dirt and ragged paper on stained walls, faded paint and foul odors wafted to the nostrils from ill-concealed piles of accumulated filfth. The spotless elegance and Puritan neatness of Booth’s, Wallack’s, Brougham’s and the Grand Opera House have taught us that better things can be done, and now we will insist that they shall be done, or the mulish manager go to the wall.”