Benefit Concert for the Sick and Wounded in the Patriot Army of Cuba

Event Information

Steinway Hall

Theodore Thomas [see also Thomas Orchestra]

Price: $1

Event Type:

Performance Forces:
Instrumental, Vocal

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Last Updated:
16 May 2019

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

28 Mar 1869, Evening

Program Details

Event given by the Cuban Ladies Relief Association.

Performers and/or Works Performed

Composer(s): Thomas


Announcement: New-York Times, 23 March 1869, 5.

To the Editor of the New-York Times :

In your last Sunday’s issue you advertised that our Grand Sacred Concert would take place the same evening at Steinway Hall. Unable then to correct the misstatement, we hasten now to make known to our sympathizers that the concert will take place next Sunday evening, March 28, at Steinway Hall, and that the funds realized will be used for the benefit of the sick and wounded patriots in Cuba, irrespective of religion. It is sufficient for a man to fight and suffer on our side to merit the succor of our Association. By inserting this article you will oblige   [sic]   Your obedient servants,

R. P. DE YZQUIERDO, President.

Emilia de Vellaverde, Secretary.”

Advertisement: New-York Times, 25 March 1869, 7.
Advertisement: New York Herald, 28 March 1869, 16.
Review: New-York Times, 29 March 1869, 5.

“The ‘patriot army of Cuba’ did not gain much by the concert last evening at Steinway Hall. Less than the usual Saturday concert audience was present. Our Cuban friends just now are being somewhat overtaxed. So small a colony cannot be expected to turn out in force on every occasion. The programme was, as usual, good, and the stage was gaily decorated with flags.”

Review: New-York Daily Tribune, 29 March 1869, 1.

“The concert for the benefit of the Cuban relief fund last night at Steinway Hall was a very good one, so far as the greater part of the performers was concerned, but the audience was not so large as we expected it to be. Mr. Thomas’s orchestra furnished the best of the entertainment, playing, among other things, the overture to ‘Mignon’ and the striking scherzo from Max Bruch’s symphony, which was produced at the last symphony soiree. Signora Lanari sang the Ah, fors’ e lui, from ‘La Traviata,’ with remarkable effect, and, thanks to her excellent culture and the assistance of the orchestra (which seems to be needed for a quality of voice such as hers), secured a much warmer recognition than has previously been given her. Miss R. Nachmann made her debut as a pianist. She plays with considerable force and freedom.”