Annual Orchestral and Operatic Concert by Pupils of Signor Giorza

Event Information

Union League Theatre

Price: $3

Event Type:
Opera, Orchestral

Performance Forces:

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Last Updated:
19 November 2022

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

20 May 1869, Evening

Program Details

All of the participants performed the opening chorus from Il giuramento.

The selection from Rossini's Stabat mater was a trio.

Performers and/or Works Performed

Composer(s): Mercadante
aka Ah, se m'amassi sempre così
Composer(s): Mattei
Participants:  Annie [singer] Powell
aka Daughter of the Regiment, The ; Figlia del reggimento, La; Child of the Regiment, The; Regimentstochter, Die
Composer(s): Donizetti
Composer(s): Donizetti
Composer(s): Robaudi
Participants:  Frances J. Schwab
Composer(s): Giorza
Participants:  Fanny [singer] Powell
Composer(s): Rossini
Composer(s): Vaccai
Participants:  Antonia Henne [contralto] (role: Romeo);  Annie [singer] Powell (role: Juliet)


Announcement: New-York Times, 19 May 1869, 4.
Review: New York Herald, 21 May 1869, 7.

“At this concert last night two things were apparent on entering—first, that the audience was excellent in quality, and, second, that the little theatre, at even three dollars a ticket, was too small for the occasion. The performers chosen by Giorza for this entertainment from his friends and amateur pupils, were Mesdames C. Medina, C. Talboy and R. Dart, and the following young ladies:--Misses Fannie and Annie Powell, V. Burton, Ada Leaman, Maria Pitkin, E. P. Burdett, Josie Meiere, F. G. Schwab, A. Osgood, Ella Waller, F. Green, A. Henne, S. Van Emburgh, Nora Cranche and Miss Schneider. And the following gentlemen:--Messrs. W. R. A. Johnson, R. W. Nathan, F. L. Dallon, Senor Martinez, and Signor G. Gariboldi. The programme was made up of choice extracts from the most distinguished composers, choruses, quartets, trios, duets, romanzas, cavatinas, &c, concluding with the last act, in operatic style, of the opera of ‘Romeo and Juliette.’ A good orchestra and several pianos were the instrumental forces.

The opening chorus, from ‘Il Giuramento,’ in which the whole troupe of lady singers and the orchestra, joined, made a fine impression, and from this to the end of the bill every piece was applauded. The romanza from Robandi, ‘La Stella Confidente,’ by Miss Schwab, was charmingly rendered; the duet from ‘Belisario,’ by Messrs. Johnson and Nathan, was given with spirit and the proper emphasis and discretion. ‘Il Galop,’ by Mrs. Medina and Miss Burton, met with a hearty greeting, and Miss Fanny Powell’s cavatina from ‘Corrado,’ by Giorza, was so delicately and tastefully given as to win recall. The opening of part second was a trio from the ‘Stabat Mater,’ with a full chorus of the ladies and orchestra assisting, and was better than anything in Rossini’s ‘Messe Solennelle.’ The romanza from ‘Mattei,’ ‘Ah! Se m’amassi,’ by Miss Annie Powell, in tenderness and artistic finish was the particular gem of the necklace, if the programme may so be called. The famous quartet from ‘Rigoletto,’ by Miss F. Powell, Miss Van Emburgh and Messrs. Johnson and Nathan brought out Mr. Johnson as a very good amateur operatic tenor. The last act of ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ by Miss A. Henne, as Romeo, and Miss. F. Powell, as Juliet, with costumes, scenery and orchestra, as the opera requires, was the special attraction which detained the house til near midnight, too late for a critical notice. Miss Henne made a delightful Romeo and Miss Powell a pleasing little Juliet; and, to conclude, the entertainment was throughout a success.”

Review: New York Post, 21 May 1869.

“The Union League Theatre was crowded last night at an unusually high rate of admission, by the friends of the pupils of Signor Giorza, a music teacher of ability. These pupils interpreted an interesting programme of modern Italian music, concluding with an act of ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ sung in operatic costume, with Miss Antonia Henne as Romeo, and Miss Fannie Powell as Juliet. The affair was a gratifying success for all concerned.”

Review: New-York Times, 21 May 1869, 5.

“An audience of an unusually critical character filled the Union League Theatre last night, when Signor Paolo Giorza’s annual concert was given. The participants in the affair were pupils of the beneficiary, and the efforts of most of them gave evidence of marked natural talent developed into artistic excellence of a high order by skilled tuition. The programme was a most comprehensive one. A chorus from Mercadante’s ‘Giuramento,’ admirably sung by all the ladies, was its first element, and an act of Vaccai’s ‘Romeo & Giuletta,’ by Miss F. Powell and Miss A. Henne, its last. Between these Mattei’s ‘Ah se m’amassi,’ by Miss A. Powell, a duet from ‘La Figlia del Reggimento,’ by Miss M. Pitkin and Mr. M. Martinez, and Robaudi’s romance, ‘La stella confidente,’ by Miss Fannie J. Schwab, were its most notable features. The concert terminated at a late hour.”