Tammany Hall

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Tammany Hall

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Variety / Vaudeville

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15 November 2019

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

14 Jun 1869, Evening
15 Jun 1869, Evening
16 Jun 1869, Evening
17 Jun 1869, Evening
18 Jun 1869, Evening
19 Jun 1869, Evening

Program Details

The Fra diavolo burlesque also seems to include an impersonation of Edwin Forrest by Leffingwell. The performance concluded with a trapeze act performed by a “M. Ventini” and “Mlle. Zulala.”

Performers and/or Works Performed

Composer(s): Cooke [cond.-comp.-vocal]
Text Author: Byron
Participants:  Miron Winslow Leffingwell (role: Beppo);  Emma [actress] Grattan (role: Fra Diavolo)
aka Too much good for nature; Romeo Jaffier Jenkins
Text Author: Falconer
Participants:  Miron Winslow Leffingwell (role: Romeo Jaffier Jenkins)


Advertisement: New York Herald, 14 June 1869, 9.

“The burlesque will be presented with New Scenery, New Dresses, New Songs, New Dances and powerful and effective cast.”

Announcement: New York Herald, 14 June 1869, 7.

No mention of music.

Advertisement: New-York Times, 14 June 1869, 7.
Advertisement: New-York Daily Tribune, 14 June 1869, 7.
Review: New York Herald, 15 June 1869, 7.

No mention of music; positive review. “[Leffingwell] was greeted with rounds of approbation by a fair house. His representation of the heavy ruffian, number one, was, in some respects, a masterpiece of burlesque acting and provoked the heartiest merriment. Moreover, he was admirably sustained by Miss Emma Grattan, as Fra Diavolo, her interpretation of the rôle being graceful, piquant and amusing.”

Announcement: New York Clipper, 19 June 1869, 86.
Announcement: New-York Daily Tribune, 19 June 1869, 5.

Brief. “This evening witnesses the end of the season at the Tammany, which will remain closed for some time.”

Review: New York Clipper, 26 June 1869, 94.

“The Tammany brought its season to an abrupt termination on the 19th inst., the management having previously announced that a season of the legitimate would be inaugurated this evening with the drama of ‘Blow for Blow,’ introducing a full dramatic company. The piece was cast with George Clarke in the leading role, but Mr. Clarke was restrained from appearing there by Mr. Daly, to whom he is engaged for the coming season at the Fifth Avenue Theatre. With the withdrawal of Mr. Clarke followed one or two others, which considerably interfered with the previous arrangements of the management, and this, coupled with the doubt of the success of the undertaking during the heated term, caused the closing of the house. Improvements will immediately be commenced. A family circle will be built over the present circle, several private boxes made, and various other alterations will take place in the auditorium, while the rooms down stairs will be fitted up for minor entertainments.”