Schultz & Warker’s Springs Concert

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Central Park Mineral Springs

Theodore Thomas [see also Thomas Orchestra]

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18 July 2020

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

01 Sep 1869, 4:00 PM

Program Details

Program included unidentified works by Mendelssohn, Halévy, Auber, Wallace, Strauss, Michaelis, Meyerbeer, Lanner, Petrella, and Thomas.

Performers and/or Works Performed


Announcement: New-York Times, 01 September 1869, 5.

“Another concert is to be given this afternoon at our own City mineral springs, which are known as Schultz & Warker’s Springs, and are situated in the Central Park. Theodore Thomas’ Band will furnish the music, which will be of a popular sort. The concert begins at 4.”

Review: New York Herald, 02 September 1869, 7.

“Despite the decidedly chilly weather yesterday there was quite a goodly array of listeners at Thomas’ concert at the beautiful mineral springs in the Park, which, judging from the extensive arrangements of the present season, promise to become a favorite and fashionable summer resort for the future—a sort of Manhattanese Saratoga. The location is very favorable, even better than the Mall, as nature’s hand has touched the surroundings and given a picturesque character to the place. The charming little kiosk, with its brilliant Moorish designs, is the central figure. Around it are little tents, groups of rocks, a sun-sheltered grove, the green award undulating towards the entrance of the Park, glimpses of the lake beneath and the labyrinth of the Ramble, and the music stand, where, from forty instruments, float the sweetest strains of Thomas’ orchestra. The Drive sweeps around the base of the hill on which the kiosk rears its graceful proportions, and the green is constantly dotted with the light and somber colors of various toilets, while responsive to the music sparkle the health-giving waters to which hundreds of thirty souls wend their way. The programme comprised selections from Mendelssohn, Halevy, Auber, Wallace, Strauss, Michaelis, Meyerbeer, Lanner, Petrella and Thomas, and was rendered in a style sans peur et sans reproche.”