Theatre Comique

Event Information

Theatre Comique [1867- : 514 Broadway]

Manager / Director:
Robert W. [manager] Butler

David Braham

Event Type:
Variety / Vaudeville

Record Information


Last Updated:
20 September 2020

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

27 Sep 1869, 8:00 PM
28 Sep 1869, 8:00 PM
29 Sep 1869, Matinee
29 Sep 1869, 8:00 PM
30 Sep 1869, 8:00 PM
01 Oct 1869, 8:00 PM
02 Oct 1869, Matinee
02 Oct 1869, 8:00 PM

Program Details

“Grand Reopening.” Ballet under the direction of Mons. Grossier.

Performers and/or Works Performed

aka Star spangled banned
Composer(s): Smith
Text Author: Key
Participants:  Maurice [actor] Pike
Text Author: Roberts


Advertisement: New York Herald, 19 September 1869, 12.

“Theatre Comique. This favorite place of amusement will remain closed during the week for the purpose of making extensive alterations, and will reopen on Monday, September 27.”

Announcement: New York Herald, 23 September 1869, 10.

“The Theatre Comique reopens as a varieties theatre on Monday evening, under the management of Mr. R. W. Butler.”

Announcement: New York Clipper, 25 September 1869, 198.

On the change of management.

Advertisement: New York Clipper, 25 September 1869, 199.
Advertisement: New York Herald, 26 September 1869, 12.
Review: New York Clipper, 09 October 1869, 214.

“The Theatre Comique opened, as a variety theatre, on Sept. 27th, under the management of Robert W. Butler. The house was densely crowded. When the curtain was raised, the entire company was discovered in line in citizens’ dress, when the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ was cleverly sung by Maurice B. Pike, assisted by the company. [Lists long program of unidentified sketches, songs, dances, etc.] …For a first night we never saw a performance go on so well, there not being a single hitch or wait from the rising of the curtain to the close of the performance.” Describes Rita Percy’s sequence of statues.