Emeline Reed Testimonial

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Steinway Hall

George W. Colby

Price: $1.50 reserved; $1

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Last Updated:
26 April 2022

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

28 Apr 1870, Evening

Program Details

Anna Mehling performed twice this evening; see related event entry of 04/28/70: Frederick Bergner Benefit Concert.

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Advertisement: New York Herald, 21 April 1870, 5.

Includes a note from a unidentified group of men requesting Reed repeat “the concert recently given by [her] with so much success at the Academy of Music, in Brooklyn” before her imminent departure to Italy, and Reed’s brief response, in which she is “flattered by [the] very kind and complimentary request.”

Announcement: New York Post, 22 April 1870, 2.

“Mrs. Emeline Reed is a favorite vocalist in Brooklyn, and, in church circles, is well known as the soprano of the choir of the Church of the Holy Trinity. She intends going to Italy to study, and previous to her departure has been tendered by some of our leading citizens a testimonial concert, to be given at Steinway Hall on the evening of Thursday, the 28th. She will be assisted by competent artists.”

Advertisement: New York Herald, 23 April 1870, 12.
Advertisement: New-York Times, 23 April 1870, 7.
Announcement: New York Herald, 25 April 1870, 6.

“Mrs. Emeline Reed, one of the most promising vocalists that ever the City of Churches produced, will have a farewell testimonial concert at Steinway Hall on Thursday evening. This testimonial has been got up by some of the principal citizens of the metropolis. Miss Mehling, Sarasate, Werner, Colby, Boy and Ronconi and his daughter will assist at this concert.”

Announcement: New-York Times, 27 April 1870, 5.

“Many prominent citizens have tendered Mrs. Emmeline Reed a complimentary entertainment previous to her departure for Europe. The affair will gather at Steinway Hall, to-morrow [lists participants].”

Announcement: New-York Daily Tribune, 27 April 1870, 5.

“The complimentary concert to Mrs. Emeline Reed, a popular Brooklyn singer, will enlist at Steinway Hall to-morrow evening the services of Miss Mehlig, Señor Sarasate, Ronconi and his daughter, Mr. Werner and Señor Boy.”

Announcement: New York Post, 27 April 1870, 2.


Review: New York Herald, 29 April 1870, 6.

“This admirable artist had some very acceptable artists to assist her last night. Ronconi and his daughter, Sarasate, the violinist of the Patti troupe; Werner, one of our best violincellists, and the inimitable pianist, Miss Mehlig, appeared in their best selections. Mrs. Reed’s voice has still much of its old power and sweetness to tell of those days when she first taught Manhattan what the vocal works of the great masters are. The audience was appreciative, if not large.”

Review: New-York Times, 29 April 1870, 4.

“The concert of Mrs. Emmeline Reed took place at Steinway Hall. The accomplished beneficiary, who is about to depart for Italy, was efficiently supported.”

Review: New York Post, 29 April 1870, 2.

“A heavy shower at an early hour last night sufficed to render the streets damp and muddy, and deterred many intended visitors from going to the various concerts announced…

“Mrs. Reed’s concert, at Steinway Hall, was faily attended by a kindly a enthusiastic audience, and the fair vocalist proved the possession of a sympathetic and melodious voice which is well worthy of the Italian schooling it is about to receive. The assisting artists were Miss Mehlig, Ronconi and daughter, Sarasate, and Werner.”

Announcement: New York Clipper, 30 April 1870, 30.


Review: New York Herald, 30 April 1870, 3.

“Mrs. Emmeline [sic] Reed, who gave her farewell concert at Steinway Hall on Thursday night is a young lady of Brooklyn, of great promise as an artist. She goes to Italy to complete her studies in music.”