Fossati Complimentary Concert

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De Garmo Hall

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Last Updated:
22 May 2022

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

13 May 1870, Evening

Performers and/or Works Performed

Composer(s): Ricci
Text Author: Rossi
Composer(s): Bellini


Review: New-York Times, 14 May 1870, 5.

“A grand complimentary concert to Signor E. G. Fossati, attracted to De Garmo Hall, on Thursday evening, a large and very brilliant audience. The programme was a liberal one, and was interpreted with skill and refinement. A duetto from Ricci’s ‘Chiaria di Rosenberg [sic],’ was the first piece of the evening, and was executed by Signor Fossati and Signor Sarti. The bénéficiaire afterward sang a neat canzone, and with Mrs. Mixsell, a soprano singer, whose voice is strong and extended, a duet from ‘I Puritani;’ his final share in the performance was contributed to the rendering of Donizetti’s ‘Rataplan’ quartet. He had distinguished assistants in the persons of Mr. S. B. Mills, Mme. Gazzaniga, Mme. De Gebele, and Messrs. Durant and Nathan.”

Review: New York Herald, 15 May 1870, 3.

Brief. “A grand complimentary concert was given to Signor Fossati, at De Garmo’s, on Thursday last, which was brilliantly attended.”