Church Music Association Closing Concert Rehearsal

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Steinway Hall

James Pech

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15 June 2022

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

17 May 1870, Afternoon

Program Details

See related event of 05/18/70: Church Music Association Closing Concert. As per the New York Times, “the last part” of Weber’s Oberon was rehearsed; based on the reviews for the concert on the following night, Music in Gotham identifies this “part” as the closing of Act III. Music in Gotham likewise determined from the concert reviews that the “Jubel” overture was that by Berthold (not Weber).

Performers and/or Works Performed

Composer(s): Berthold


Review: New York Post, 11 May 1870, 2.

“The Church Music Association. The next concert of this important musical society will take place at Steinway Hall on the evening of the 18th. At the rehearsal with orchestra yesterday afternoon, the last part of Weber’s ‘Oberon’ and the ‘Kyrie’ of Beethoven’s mass [sic] in C, were given with good effect before quite a large audience.” Lists performers.

Review: New-York Times, 18 May 1870, 5.

“Steinway Hall was crowded yesterday afternoon with a very large audience formed of the subscribers and friends of this valuable organization. The occasion was the last public rehearsal of orchestra and chorus preceding the concert, which will take place this evening. The orchestra and chorus together could not have numbered less than three hundred performers, the entire stage, which has been considerably enlarged, being filled with singers and instrumentalists. Beethoven’s mass [sic] in C, and the last part of Weber’s ‘Oberon’ were rehearsed. The beauty and freshness of the voices in the choruses, and the admirable precision of the orchestra under Dr. James Pech’s precise and vigorous control, were prominent points of the afternoon’s rehearsal. All things gave good promise for this evening, when a large and most most [sic] distingué audience is expected. The solos in the mass will be sung by Mme. Salvotti, Mrs. Jennie Kempton, Mr. W. J. Hill and Mr. Joseph Jewett. The solos from ‘Oberon’ will be interpreted by Mrs. Imogene [sic] Brown—who made a highly favorable impression yesterday afternoon—Mme. Salvotti, Miss Jennie E. Bull, Mr. Leggat and Mr. Jewett. The orchestra performs the ‘Jubel’ overture and the overture to ‘Oberon,’ and did so yesterday with great correctness, spirit and effect.”