Announcements on Christine Nilsson’s forthcoming American tour

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Manager / Director:
Max Strakosch
James, Jr. Fisk

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Last Updated:
16 July 2022

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

27 May 1870
31 May 1870

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Announcement: New York Herald, 27 May 1870, 4.

“Christine Nilsson, the queen of the operatic stage, took the London public by storm at her last appearance at Drury Lane, as Alice, in ‘Roberto.’ All the papers regret her approaching departure for America, stating that there is no one in Europe worthy to replace her.”

Announcement: New-York Daily Tribune, 31 May 1870, 5.

“Nilsson may be expected about the middle of September. Mr. Strakosch’s intention has been to bring her forward in concerts, rather than risk the dangers of an opera season, but we are glad to hear that a different arrangement is in contemplation. Mr. Fisk has made offers for a lease of the fair Swede for the first ten or twenty nights, with the purpose of bringing her forward in opera, and though the experiment would probably be financially disastrous we devoutly trust—of course in the interest of art—that his offers may be accepted. What a pity he did not keep to the contract he made with Nilsson a year ago! He engaged her for much lower terms than Strakosch is to pay.”