Jane English and the Troupe St. Denis

Event Information

Laura Keene's Theatre

Manager / Director:
Jane English

Event Type:
Variety / Vaudeville

Record Information


Last Updated:
6 December 2013

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

13 Jun 1863, Evening
13 Jun 1863, 2:30 PM

Program Details

Emilie Melville only listed as "Emilie."

Performers and/or Works Performed

aka M. Dechalumeau; Dechalumeau; Mons. Dechalembau; Dechalameau; Dech Alameau; Duchalumeau
Participants:  Marie Zoe


Advertisement: New York Herald, 13 June 1863, 7.
Review: New York Clipper, 20 June 1863, 75.

“Now, it came to pass, in the days of Abraham, that a certain woman, from the land of the Hub, came among us with sounding brass and tinkling cymbals, to amuse and entertain the people of ye benighted city of Gotham. Her Christian name was Jane, but by the rites of the land in which she did dwell, she was called Jane English. She was much pleased with ye Gothamites, in whom there is no guile, and to do them good, she did essay. Now, when it became known that this woman was among us, and that she would do divers [sic] things to us before unknown, there was much talk, and some cried, ‘All hail, Jane English,’ ‘Welcome, St. Denis,’ ‘Vive Angelo,’ and some were heard to say—‘Rosita’s a trump,’ ‘Muller’s a good egg.’ Now, when the players heard these things, they were exceedingly glad, and said, ‘Lo! El Dorado is found at last.’ Then haste was made to open wide the house wherein this troupe should abide; but when the doors were opened, and the birds began to sing, sore and grievous were the lamentations of ye player folk, for the people who had spoken in the fullness of their hearts to encourage ye Hubites, did not assemble at ye English tabernacle, but sought comfort in ye flowing bowl at ye American temple, kept by one Bob, surnamed Butler. So passed the night of the first day; but the second was like unto it, and ye third, and ye players grew alarmed, and cried, ‘What manner of place is this? Surely, we have fallen upon evil times.’ Then they smote their breasts, and communed with each other, saying, ‘Let us be gone—these Gothamites breathe the word of promise to the ear, but break it to the hope.’ But the chief priestess said, ‘Verily, we will tarry here a while longer, for the tabernacle is paid for, and it is meet [sic] that we should to the end endure.’ So they continued as they had begun, but ye Gothamites could not be induced to enter in, for ye player folk did not please them, and ye scribes and Pharisees did not favor them. And thus it came to pass that St. Denis and his minor saints were not pleased with ye city of ye Gotham, and would fain have hastened away, but that ye contract does hold them secure and steadfast until the time of their probation shall have expired. In ye goodly troupe are Rosita, Camille, and Alexandre, and Zoe, and Angelo, and Chapmano, and Mullero, but they thrive not, and thereby become much vexed. It is not good to trust to ye loud talk of ye Gothamites!”