Funeral for Georges Edouard Gottschalk

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St. Stephen's Catholic Church

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27 May 2012

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30 Sep 1863

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Review: New-York Times, 01 October 1863, 4.

     “Mr. George Edward Gottschalk – This estimable and talented young gentleman, brother of the celebrated pianist L.M. Gottschalk, died at the residence of the latter on Monday last, and the funeral ceremonies took place yesterday, at St. Stephen’s Church (Dr. Cummings’).”

Article: Courrier des √Čtats-Unis, 05 October 1863, 1.

     More than three complete columns of this week’s “Cronique de New York” are devoted to the event, which is called one of the most beautiful services ever seen in New York.  Ed. Gottschalk was a musician almost as eminent as his brother.  He had, at the piano, a great power for communicating emotion.  Georges E. Gottschalk was also a celebrated journalist in Paris.  L. Moreau had recently canceled his New York recitals due to the illness of his brother.