Thomas Popular Musical Matinee: 3rd

Event Information

Irving Hall

Theodore Thomas [see also Thomas Orchestra]

Price: $.50; $2 for family or season tickets

Event Type:

Performance Forces:
Instrumental, Vocal

Record Information


Last Updated:
2 October 2017

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

07 Nov 1863, 12:00 PM

Program Details

The family or season tickets for $2 admitted one person six times or six people once.

Performers and/or Works Performed

aka Symphony, no. 1; Prague symphony
Composer(s): Mozart
Participants:  Thomas Orchestra
aka Fantaisie polka
Composer(s): Herzog
Participants:  Thomas Orchestra
aka Sleepwalker
Composer(s): Bellini
Participants:  Fannie Riddell
Composer(s): Wallace
Participants:  Thomas Orchestra
aka Egmont overture; Goethe's Egmont
Composer(s): Beethoven
Participants:  Thomas Orchestra
aka Dieblische Elster, Die
Composer(s): Rossini
Participants:  Fannie Riddell
Composer(s): Strauss
Participants:  Thomas Orchestra
Composer(s): Gottschalk
Participants:  Louis Moreau Gottschalk
aka Cradle Song
Composer(s): Gottschalk
Participants:  Louis Moreau Gottschalk
aka Artist's; Artist; Kunstler
Composer(s): Strauss
Participants:  Thomas Orchestra


Advertisement: New-York Times, 06 November 1863, 7.

“Last appearance of Mr. L. M. Gottschalk, the great Pianist, and Miss Fannie Riddell, whose debut at the Gottschalk Concert has been so successful.”

Advertisement: New York Herald, 06 November 1863, 1.

Announcement: New-York Times, 07 November 1863, 4.

Announcement: Courrier des États-Unis, 07 November 1863.
Last appearance of Gottschalk in this series.
Review: New-York Times, 09 November 1863, 5.

“The vicinity of Irving Hall was literally choked with sweets sounds on Saturday.  For twelve hours there was hardly a breath of relief in the musical plethora.  It opened in the morning with the third rehearsal of the Philharmonic Society.  This had scarcely terminated when Mr. Theodore Thomas’ third popular matinée commenced.  Simultaneously, Mr. Maretzek opened the doors of the Academy for his last combination matinée.  An hour or two’s rest was all that the musicians could enjoy ere they were called upon to take part in the first Philharmonic Concert, at the Academy, and the first Promenade Concert of the Seventh Regiment, at Irving Hall.  We shall not be able to dwell at length on any of these entertainments, nor is it necessary; they were all excellent.  A delightfully varied programme was furnished by Mr. Thomas, and was given with great effect by the orchestra.  The soloists were Mr. Gottschalk and Miss Fanny Riddell, a young lady who possesses a fine voice, and knows how to use it skillfully.  Mr. Gottschalk was assisted by Mr. Harry Sanderson, and with that gentleman, played several of the most popular duets.”

Review: Musical Review and World, 21 November 1863, 281.
Dodworth’s Promenade Concerts “evidently seem to meet with more favor than the afternoon concerts of Mr. Theodore Thomas, at the same place.  The last but one given by this gentleman, although the weather was favorable, was but poorly attended.  It is true, on that day there were four more concerts and an operatic performance offered to the public; but we think there ought to be more people to pay fifty cents for good music, good execution, and first-rate solo performances.”