American Theatre

Event Information

Butler's American Theatre [444 Bdway--before 3/66]

Ballet Director / Choreographer:
Paul Brilliant

Event Type:
Variety / Vaudeville

Record Information


Last Updated:
28 April 2014


Advertisement: New York Herald, 25 October 1863, 7.

Review: New York Clipper, 07 November 1863, 235.

“The attractions at 444 Broadway the past week were such as no similar place of entertainment has given amongst us for many a day. . . . [P]eople flocked into the American Theatre on the last day of October [and] there’s the same jam every night in the week.  Amongst other new faces which has [sic] lighted up the American during the last few days, are the beautiful Nixon Sisters—Frank and Adelaide—the former a dancer and the other a singer.  Adelaide looks and sings very sweetly, but has hardly enough compass of voice to be heard distinctly at a distance—this, however, will soon be strengthened by practice, the lady having only recently adopted the stage.  Frank—a downright pretty name—as a danseuse, is very agile and graceful. . . . Mike McKenna gives practical illustrations of the dancing at Lanergan’s Ball, which Tony Pastor sings with such gusto.  All the old favorites are still retained—the funambulistic bevy of ‘darks’—Charley White, Bob Hart, Lew Simmons, Jim Wambold, Dick Ralph, and Johnny Wild; and it is seldom we see a company work so well together. . . . The American Theatre gives the cheapest and most versatile entertainment on Broadway.”