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15 December 2006

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25 Sep 1862

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Article: Courrier des √Čtats-Unis, 25 September 1862.

Article on Maretzek’s Italian Opera company, which had arrived in NY, but was going on to Havana. The company gathered in Havana was an impressive one: Mmes Charton-Demeure and Medori (prima donna), Mme Sulzer (contralto), M. Mazzolini (1st tenor), M. Minetti (ténor de grâce), M. Bellini (baritone), MM. Vialetti et Atri (bass).

It had been 15 years since such a strong collection of voices organized by the indefatigable Maretzek had been heard.  At that time, the company was comprised of Mmes Bosio, Tedesco, Steffenone, Salvi, Marini, and Badiali.

 The names of Mme Charton-Demeure, of Mme Medori, of M. Vialetti bring with them a reputation more than European; the others occupy all the first ranks of the rosters of opera lovers who follow musical events.