Butler’s Combination Troupe

Event Information

Butler's American Theatre [444 Bdway--before 3/66]

Manager / Director:
Robert W. [manager] Butler

David Braham

Ballet Director / Choreographer:
Antonio Grossi

Event Type:
Variety / Vaudeville

Record Information


Last Updated:
1 November 2016

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

23 May 1864, Evening
24 May 1864, Evening
25 May 1864, Evening
26 May 1864, Evening
27 May 1864, Evening
28 May 1864, Evening
28 May 1864, 2:30 PM

Program Details

Mons. La Thorne, stage manager.

Performers and/or Works Performed

aka Broken heart; Farmer's daughter
Text Author: Raymond
Participants:  James F. Wambold (role: Charles Fenton);  Johnny Allen [minstrel/variety] (role: Farmer Fenton);  Lizzie [actor] Schultze (role: Mrs. Tabitha Toodles);  Lizzy Whelpley (role: Mary Acorn);  W. A. (Billy) Burke (role: Farmer Acorn);  J. [American Theatre] Lewis (role: La[illeg.]ord);  J. C. Moreland (role: George Acorn);  James S. Maffit (role: Timothy Toodles)
Composer(s): Unidentified


Advertisement: New York Herald, 22 May 1864.

Advertisement: New York Herald, 24 May 1864.

Announcement: New York Clipper, 28 May 1864, 54.
Butler is referred to as “Bob” in this notice.  “[T]he boys all call him Bob for short.” 
Advertisement: New York Clipper, 28 May 1864, 55.

Advertisement: New York Herald, 28 May 1864.
Matinee time.
Review: New York Clipper, 04 June 1864, 62.
Good audience on Thursday night, despite the bad weather.  “Run your eye over the different theatres, etc., on Broadway—you have negro minstrelsy, comedy, burlesque, tragedy, witchcraft, and the ballet.  At 444, all these are combined: Charley White, James Wambold, and others do up the nigger; Maffit and his ‘confreres’ the comedy; Prof. Young and lady perform feats of legerdemain, illusion, and the Ærial Suspension as illustrated by Prof. Anderson, Heller, and others; Lizzie Schultze, Millie Flora, Mary Blake, with about two dozen assistants to do the ballet, which is not excelled at our best theatres; Miss Emma Ross, a pleasing colleen, gives Irish jigs and hits; Tony Pastor, the evergreen, irrepressible, popular Tony in his comic songs comes in for a quadruple encore nearly every night, and we might go on ad infinitum.