Old Dame Trot and Her Comical Cat

Event Information

Fox's Old Bowery Theatre (until 1/67)

Proprietor / Lessee:
George Washington Lafayette Fox

Manager / Director:
George Washington Lafayette Fox

Ballet Director / Choreographer:
Antonio Grossi

Event Type:
Play With Music

Record Information


Last Updated:
14 July 2012

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

06 Mar 1865, Evening
07 Mar 1865, Evening
08 Mar 1865, Evening
09 Mar 1865, Evening
10 Mar 1865, Evening
11 Mar 1865, Evening
11 Mar 1865, 2:30 PM

Program Details

Includes grand tableaux at end of pantomime.
Program commences with “a favorite drama.”

Performers and/or Works Performed

Text Author: Fox
Participants:  George Washington Lafayette Fox (role: Sappy Saponaceous – afterwards Clown);  Charles Kemble Fox (role: Antiquated Solderwell – afterwards Pantaloon);  Mons. [dancer] Baptistia (role: John Stout – afterwards Harlequin);  J. J. McCloskey (role: Old Dame Trot);  Mlle. [dancer] Martinetti (role: Little Bo Peep – afterwards Columbine);  Master [actor] Timothy (role: the Comical Cat)


Advertisement: New York Herald, 06 March 1865.