Annual Turnfest: 15th

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Jones's Wood

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Band, Choral

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Last Updated:
7 June 2016


Review: New York Herald, 06 June 1865, 4.

     “At Jones’ Wood some fifteen or twenty thousand persons were congregated yesterday to celebrate the fifteenth annual Turnfest. . . .  At eight o’clock in the morning a grand procession was formed at the Turn Hall, comprising the various societies and organizations participating in the festival, as follows . . . and the following independent musical societies and glee clubs:—Arion, Teutonia Maennerchor, Fidelia, Floria, Helvetia Maennerchor, Harmonia, Mozart Verein, Mozart Maennerchor, Schaebischer, Saengerbund, Armenia, Koerner Bund, Social Reform Gesang Verein, New York Sing Academie, Saengerrunde and Euphonia.”

Review: New-York Times, 06 June 1865, 2.

     “Large numbers of our German fellow-citizens celebrated Pfingst-Montag (Whit Monday) at Jones’ Wood yesterday. . . .

     . . . At the appointed hour [8 a.m.] three bands and drum corps took their positions in line, and at a given signal the procession moved forward in the following order . . . New-Yorker Saengerbund, comprising the following singing societies: Allemania, Germania, Colonia, Harmonia, Loreley, Rheineischer, Sangerbund, Schillerbund, Social Reform Liedertafel.  Independent Singing Societies. . . . Kissenberth’s Brass Band. . . .

     [Procession moves to Jones’s Wood]

     Meanwhile the singing societies gave some of their most splendid performances, and added greatly to the enjoyment of the day.”

Review: New-York Daily Tribune, 06 June 1865, 6.

     “[T]here was gathered together the largest number of people, probably ever assembled at a pic-nic or out-door festival. . . . Dancing and music, which succeeded the sports of the day, kept the lovers of these in the woods until long after sundown.”