New York Musical Association: 2nd Annual Festival and Picnic, Benefit for Widows and Orphans’ Fund

Event Information

Belvedere Lion Park

Professor F. Groux [comp-cond.]

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Performance Forces:
Instrumental, Vocal

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7 June 2016

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

08 Aug 1865, 6:00 PM

Program Details

Events will take place throughout the day; the concert commences at 6 p.m. The chorus consisted of 40 members.

Benefit for the Widows and Orphans’ Fund of the Society.

Performers and/or Works Performed

aka Star spangled banned
Composer(s): Smith
Text Author: Key


Announcement: New York Herald, 08 August 1865, 8.

“The concert commences at six P. M.”

Review: New York Herald, 09 August 1865, 4.

“The second grand festival and picnic of the New York Union Musical Association came off yesterday at Lion Park, on Eighth Avenue, between 108th and 110th streets.  This association is composed of Hollanders belonging to the Jewish faith and was organized for benevolent and social purposes.  Among its members are several of distinguished musical talent, and periodical festivals of are given for the benefit of the widows and orphans of members and of the poor, and indigent that may come within its scope. . . . The exercises consisted of vocal and instrumental music of the first order, excellently distributed through a brilliant series of polkas, scottishes, waltzes, versoviennes, et has genus omne.  The Marsellaise of the Dutch republic (vocal) and the Star Spangled Banner, by Dodworth’s Band, opened this part of the programme with great éclat. The society chorus consists of forty vocalists and is under the tuition of Professor Groux.”

Review: New York Herald, 10 August 1865, 1.

Notes the presence of a “Netherlands war steamer,” whose officers were invited to the musical festival.