Arminia Society Grand Picnic

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Jones's Wood

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7 June 2016

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

19 Jun 1865, Afternoon

Program Details

Frühungslied was performed by the combined societies.

Performers and/or Works Performed

Composer(s): Verdi
Participants:  Oratester Society
aka Sangermarsch
Composer(s): Abt
Participants:  Arminia Männerchor
aka Eig'ne Herz; Eigene Herz
Composer(s): Schäffer [composer]
Participants:  Allemania Gesangverein
aka Song to fatherland; Vaterlandslied
Composer(s): Abt
Participants:  Cäcilia Gesangverein
aka Uber die Berge
Composer(s): Ernst
aka Sanz vom deutschen Rhein, Der; Lied vom deutschen Rhein
Composer(s): Abt
Participants:  Uhlandbund Gesangverein
Composer(s): Kalliwoda
Participants:  Mozart Gesangverein
Composer(s): Abt
Participants:  Euphonia Gesangverein


Announcement: New York Herald, 18 June 1865, 5.

     “[S]ome fifteen other societies will participate in the festivities—the following:—Allemania, Cacelia, of Bloomingdale; Euphonia, Harmonia, of Hoboken; Hudson Maennerchor; New York Quartett Club, Olympia, Schillerbund, Sing Academie, Uhland Bund, Footbildungs, Verein; and a company of sharpshooters and several militia companies.”

Review: New York Herald, 20 June 1865, 5.

     At Jones’ Wood—The Arminia.  Includes program.  “[A]bout half a dozen other societies participated in the festivities.  Previous to proceeding to the festival ground the singers formed a procession in Greenwich avenue, under the marshalship of Mr. Klein.  This procession moved through Jackson square, Twelfth street, Fifth avenue, Fourteenth street, Fourth avenue and Fifteenth street, where the singers took the cars to the festival ground.  Jones’ Wood was visited in the course of the day by some three thousand persons, and a strong police force, under Mr. Hart, was on the ground to protect the singers against any invasion of roughs, pickpockets and thieves.  In the afternoon a concert was given on the festival ground. . . . No disorderly scenes occurred, from the fact that the police and the committee of arrangements did their duty to keep away disorderly characters.”