Christy’s Minstrels

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Fifth Avenue Opera House

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14 August 2014

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11 Dec 1865, 8:00 PM
12 Dec 1865, 8:00 PM
13 Dec 1865, 8:00 PM
14 Dec 1865, 8:00 PM
15 Dec 1865, 8:00 PM
16 Dec 1865, 2:00 PM
16 Dec 1865, 8:00 PM

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Announcement: New York Herald, 11 December 1865.

     “George Brant and Mr. Charles Duval, excellent artists, will appear at the Opera House for the first time this evening.  T. Donaldson, the favorite comedian, will be there also for the first time.”

Advertisement: New York Herald, 11 December 1865, 7.
Announcement: New York Herald, 11 December 1865, 5.
Announcement: New York Clipper, 16 December 1865, 286.

     “George Christy makes several additions to his company this week, at his Fifth Avenue Opera House, among whom are Messrs. T. Donaldson, Geo. Brent, C. Duval, and Chas. Melville the ballad singer.  J. E. Green concluded his engagement there on the 9th.  When George shall have collected around him a really first class band, he may secure a very liberal patronage from the residents in the vicinity of his new establishment.”