Bryants’ Minstrels

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Mechanic's Hall

Price: $.30 gallery; .50 parquet

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3 May 2012

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

15 May 1865, 8:00 PM
16 May 1865, 8:00 PM
17 May 1865, 8:00 PM
18 May 1865, 8:00 PM
19 May 1865, 8:00 PM
20 May 1865, 8:00 PM

Program Details

Performers and/or Works Performed

aka Polly Ann
Composer(s): McNally [composer, conductor, minstrel]
aka Mr. Jack Cade
Participants:  Nelse Seymour (role: Jack Cade);  Dave [minstrel] Reed (role: Lord Say)
aka Bryants' laughing gas
Text Author: White
Participants:  Frank [minstrel] Moran (role: Professor Colton)
aka U. S. Grant; USG; plantation festival scene; US Grant; Ulysses S. Grant
Composer(s): Emmett
Text Author: Emmett


Advertisement: New York Herald, 15 May 1865, 7.
Announcement: New York Herald, 17 May 1865, 4.

     “Mr. Frank Moran has joined this favorite troupe, and appears in new comicalities every evening.  Mr. Moran has a peculiar vein of humor, not often found upon the minstrel stage, and the fact that he is received very cordially by audiences accustomed to the Ethiopian comedy of the Bryant Brothers—the best in his line—proves that his talent is appreciated.  All sorts of funny things are on the bill for this week, with excellent singing and dancing.  Next week a burlesque of the streets of New York will be produced, with various striking improvements and innovations.  The house is crowded nightly.”