Hooley’s Minstrels

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Hooley’s Minstrel Hall

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3 May 2012

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15 May 1865, Evening
16 May 1865, Evening
17 May 1865, Evening
18 May 1865, Evening
19 May 1865, Evening
20 May 1865, Evening

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Composer(s): Unidentified


Advertisement: New York Herald, 16 May 1865, 7.
Review: New York Clipper, 27 May 1865, 54.

     “Since the burning down of Hooley’s hall in Brooklyn, some of the performers have been detailed to do duty in the Bowery, among them being Archy Hughes and J. H. Budworth, two very clever comedians.  The Bowery, however, is not a good place to bring out the best points of a minstrel – in fact, the east siders do not take to minstrel entertainments as they do to theatrical performances.  Fortunes have been lost in the vain endeavor to permanently locate a minstrel organization on the Bowery.”