Hooley’s Minstrels

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Hooley’s Minstrel Hall

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Band, Minstrel

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3 May 2012

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22 May 1865, Evening
23 May 1865, Evening
24 May 1865, Evening
25 May 1865, Evening
26 May 1865, Evening
27 May 1865, Evening

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aka Imitations of famous actors; Imitations of popular actors; Limitations of great actors; Parlor theatricals
Participants:  James H. Budworth
aka Old Uncle Snow
Participants:  Archy Hughes
Composer(s): Cowell


Advertisement: New York Herald, 22 May 1865, 7.

     “The best band in the United States.”

Advertisement: New York Herald, 27 May 1865.

     “Budworth, Hughes, Griffin, Abbott, Parkinson, Clinton, Harian, Bryan, &c.”

Review: New York Clipper, 03 June 1865, 62.

     “The Minstrel Hall in the Bowery, erected for M. C. Campbell’s party, but lately occupied by Hooley’s Minstrels, closed very abruptly on May 27th in consequence of the poor patronage received.  Since the building opened it has been very badly managed, and, with but few exceptions, the company engaged has been not even a second-class one.  At one time the front of the house was properly attended to, but behind the curtain, things did not run very smoothly.  Then again, when the stage was attended to, business in front of the house and outside was sadly neglected.  Parties who knew very little about the burnt cork business were left to look after matters, but their inability was very soon seen in the very bad houses nightly in attendance.  We have heard good judges say, that, properly managed, there is no better property in this city, and they can see no reason why it should not take lead with any minstrel hall in the city.  A live manager is about to give the place a trial, a manager who is a host in himself, with many years experience in the business; he surely ought to build the place up and place it upon a firm footing, if it can be done by any one.  Mr. Sam Sharpley is the new lessee; he will re-open the place on June 12th, with a tip-top company, known all over the country as ‘The Iron Clads.’  The company embraces the following people: - Sam Sharpley, who will take one of the ends; Sam Sanford, the veteran manager; Hughy Dougherty, Cal Wagner, A. C. Stone, Master Archie, Jules Stratton, the pleasing balladist; Prof. Blackmer, John Williams, Thomas Sears, W. H. Chambers, J. F. Sullivan, R. Escott, Edwin French, Mr. Masterson, Frank Bowles, and Gill Pond.  This is a strong combination and ought to give a good show.  The ‘Iron Clads’ were the first band to perform in Richmond and Petersburg, after those places fell into Union hands.  The great troupe will open with a varied entertainment.”