Wood’s Minstrels

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Wood's Minstrel Hall

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15 September 2020

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25 Sep 1865, Evening
26 Sep 1865, Evening
27 Sep 1865, Evening
28 Sep 1865, Evening
29 Sep 1865, Evening
30 Sep 1865, Evening

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aka Dr. Colton's laughing gas
aka Nerves original; Nervés
Composer(s): Gordon
Text Author: Brian
aka Looney Napoleon
aka Clog reel
aka Bounty jumpers
Composer(s): Arlington
Text Author: Murphy
Participants:  James Garatagua


Advertisement: New York Herald, 25 September 1865.
Announcement: New York Clipper, 30 September 1865, 198.

“‘Don’t shout till you are out of the Woods,’ was the trite remark of a cruel warist, but the patrons of Wood’s Minstrels pay no attention to such advice, for they do all their shouting before they get out; there will be shouting times this week, for Frank Moran joins the band, and with Purdy on one end, Moran on the other, and Cool White as the centre of attraction, there will be some sharp shooting among these evening stars.  Mr. J. Clark, a basso of profound repute, also enters upon an engagement at Wood’s to-night, joining his deep and mellow tones to the harmonious warblings of Wood’s quartet.  Among the special acts to be performed is one called ‘The Stranger,’ a touching story of domestic wrong, the principal characters to be delineated by those pathetic performers, Messrs. Francis Brower and Francis Moran, the former as the Stranger, the latter as Mrs. Haller.”

Advertisement: New York Clipper, 30 September 1865, 199.
Review: New York Clipper, 07 October 1865, 206.

“Wood’s Minstrels gave a really excellent entertainment last week.  The programme selected was one of the best that they have yet offered their patrons.  On Wednesday evening, Sept. 27th, they gave one of the best shows we ever saw them give, and they were in fine spirits owing to their having during the day played a base ball match at Morrisania with Hooley’s Minstrels, and defeated them in good style—a full report of which will be found in our base ball column.  In addition to the regular company Mr. Lockwood appeared, and a better singing party it would be difficult to find.  The quintet, composed of C. Henry, Glenn, Clark, Lockwood, and Corrister, surpassed anything we have listened to for some time.  The first part passed off amid shouts of laughter and applause.  Frank Moran appeared on the tambourine end, and caused considerable laughter.  Frank is one of the funniest end men that puts on burnt cork.  Purdy was chock full of fun, being so elated over his success on the ball ground, that he caught so and so out on a fly tip, and hundreds of other jokes relating to baseball.  There was a large crowd of ball players present, and they enjoyed it hugely.  Purdy’s description was very funny, he having an excellent opportunity to do it in his stump speech.  Mr. J. Clark, formally basso of the Castle-Campbell Opera Troupe joined the company on Sept. 25th.  He has a very deep bass voice and sings with much sweetness.  He is really worth listening to, and Garratagui’s Cornet Solo is delightfully sweet.”