Sam Sharpley Minstrels

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Tony Pastor's Opera House

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21 May 2021

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11 Jun 1866, Evening
12 Jun 1866, Evening
13 Jun 1866, Evening
14 Jun 1866, Evening
15 Jun 1866, Evening
16 Jun 1866, Evening

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Announcement: New York Herald, 11 June 1866, 5.

“Sam Sharpley’s Minstrels and Combination Troupe open a brief season at Tony Pastor’s Opera House, in the Bowery, this evening.  Many of the old favorites of the establishment are included in the cast.  In minstrelsy, vocalism and comedy are named Sam Sharpley, Bill Pastor, Thompson and Kerns, Robert Butler, Sheridan and Mack, Miss Amelia Wells and other well known performers, who are to be engaged in pieces of considerable merit.”

Review: New York Clipper, 23 June 1866, 86.

“The first part of the evening’s entertainment consists of a regular minstrel performance, with Sam Sharpley and Frank Kerns on the ends. Sam is very funny and creates as much fun as half a dozen end men. The second part consists of the regular olio business, such as singing, dancing and Ethiopianism. Sheridan and Mack are capital clog dancers, while Thompson and Kerns are two of the best song and dance men in the business.  Billy Pastor is very pleasing in his budget of comic songs, and is a great favorite with the audiences, as he was encored four times on the opening night. Sam Sharpley appeared in a banjo solo, in which he took off the times, his local hits being very laughable as well as original. He also does a pathetic ballad.  Amelia Wells is a pleasing vocalist, and Bob Butler is as funny as they make them.”