Sam Sharpley’s Minstrels

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Tony Pastor's Opera House

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9 March 2013

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25 Jun 1866, Evening
26 Jun 1866, Evening
27 Jun 1866, Evening
28 Jun 1866, Evening
29 Jun 1866, Evening
30 Jun 1866, Evening

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aka African Apollos
Composer(s): Brockway
Text Author: Murphy


Announcement: New York Herald, 25 June 1866, 5.

“Sam Sharpley’s Minstrels and Combination Company intend to close their entertainments at Tony Pastor’s Opera House, in the Bowery, at the end of this week.  They seem determined to go off with great éclat, for the management announces the engagement and appearance every night of the terpsichorean artiste, Mlle. Annetta Zanfretta, and Alfred Moe, a champion skater.  The programme includes Neutral America, Cruelty to Animals, The African Apollos, Young Eph’s Jubilee, The Dancing Master and other amusing pieces.”

Announcement: New York Clipper, 30 June 1866, 94.

Says this is last perf.

Announcement: New York Herald, 30 June 1866, 5.

“Sam Sharpley’s Minstrels and Combination Company will commence to repeat all the amusing excellences at Tony Pastor’s Opera House, on the Bowery at two o’clock.”

Review: New York Clipper, 07 July 1866, 102.

At Tony Pastor's Opera House, Sam Sharpley’s Minstrels and Tony Pastor’s traveling variety troupe continued during the past week. As at all places of amusement, business was bad until Thursday evening, when, owing to the weather having moderated considerably, the attendance was fair. Carrie Byron appeared in a selection of very popular ballads, and her singing was clever. Robert Delaney, who is a very good gymnastic performer, appeared on the trapeze, and what tricks he did were very neatly and cleverly performed. Frank Kerns and Frank Pell were, as usual, excellent in their several acts of Ethiopianism. Alfred Moe appeared in a skating act on parlor skates, and performed several difficult feats. Billy Pastor appeared in a budget of comic songs. The afterpiece was the pantomime ‘Vol-au-Vent,’ in which Robert Butler, the pantomimist, was the great attraction. Mr. Butler is one of the best and funniest pantomimists on the stage, and in whatever he appears he always creates a fund of laughter.  The minstrel portion of the entertainment was withdrawn on June 30th, and this week the variety company go it alone.”