San Francisco Minstrels

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San Francisco Minstrels Hall

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19 February 2013

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

16 Apr 1866, 7:45 PM
17 Apr 1866, 7:45 PM
18 Apr 1866, 7:45 PM
19 Apr 1866, 7:45 PM
20 Apr 1866, 7:45 PM
21 Apr 1866, 7:45 PM

Performers and/or Works Performed

aka Troubles at the Metropolitan Hotel
Participants:  Billy Birch [minstrel]
aka Favorite ballads ; Ballads and warblings; Beautiful ballads
Participants:  David S. Wambold
aka Anna Maria Jane
Composer(s): Thomas
Text Author: Simmonds
Participants:  Charles Templeton
aka New song
Composer(s): Unknown composer
Participants:  Ainsley Scott
Composer(s): Unknown composer
Participants:  John B. Donniker


Announcement: New York Herald, 16 April 1866, 5.
Advertisement: New York Herald, 16 April 1866, 7.
Review: New York Herald, 18 April 1866, 1.

     “The well ventilated and commodious hall of the San Francisco Minstrels was filled to repletion last evening with a mirth-loving audience, who throughout the entire evening evinced the greatest pleasure, and frequently interrupted those on the stage with uproarious laughter and the heartiest applause. The Troubles at the Metropolitan set the audience in an uproar, and many of the fun-provoking scenes in various other pieces were unanimously encored, and had to be gone through with two and three times before the spectators would be satisfied. The comic songs and ballads were of the best possible order; but we would intimate that it would be very judicious if this particular portion of the programme were to be a little more varied and changed more frequently. We need only add in this connection that there is one ballad new on the bills of three of our leading minstrel companies which has been sung for nearly one whole year without intermission by almost every minstrel company in the country.”

Advertisement: New York Clipper, 21 April 1866, 15.
Review: New York Clipper, 21 April 1866, 14.

     “Birch, Wambold, Bernard and Backus, the four bright luminaries of the Frisco Minstrels, continue to shine forth resplendently, attracting overflowing houses every night that their portals are thrown open to the public. The present is their fiftieth week, and the houses are as good now as they were the first week. This is evidence that talent will tell, and that the public will patronize a good show if they haven’t got a large lamp outside, or a very wide entrance.”