Liederkranz Summer Night’s Festival: 2nd

Event Information

Belvedere Lion Park

Price: $2 for one gentleman and ladies

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18 April 2013

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

24 Aug 1866, 7:00 PM

Program Details

Rescheduled from Thursday because of inclement weather.

Performers and/or Works Performed


Review: New York Herald, 27 August 1866, 5.

     “The second and last midsummer night’s festival of this favorite society came off last Friday night, at Paul Falk’s Belvidere Lion Park, corner of Eighth avenue and 110th street.  The rain deterred many from attending the festival, but there were still enough dancers to keep the immense platform and the splendid orchestra engaged and numerous groups were chatting in the arbors and alcoves of the Park. The decorations of the hall were rich and tasteful, consisting of part of the paraphernalia of the last memorable masquerade ball of the society. The only masqueraders present were policemen with preposterous looking caps and heads, each of which seemed capable of containing the brains of the entire Metropolitan Department. One of these worthies excited much merriment during the evening by arresting a prominent member of the society on the strength of a formidable looking warrant.  The music of the two bands was everything that could have been desired, and Messrs. Hensel, Gether, Ernst, Nembach, who constituted the principal committee on the occasion, conducted their department with commendable zeal and success. The ballroom and grounds were brilliantly lighted up, and the merry dancers whirled through waltzes, galops, schottisches, polkas, &c, until the stars faded out one by one and the east was all aglow at the approach of the sun. The pleasure of the festival to those who trusted to the tender mercies of the Eighth avenue cars was considerably marred in the journey from the city to Lion Park and back. Many of the luckless parties who remained till the ‘wee sma’ hours’ had to take shelter in an old dilapidated car near the entrance to the grounds and wait shiveringly for two hours before a car bound toward the city condescended to show itself. Having to change cars at a place where there was neither shelter not convenience, and where in nine cases out of ten the unlucky follower of Prince Carnival had to stand on the bleak sidewalk, with teeth chattering and limbs benumbed, over a quarter of an hour, is another trial in store for those who venture as far as Belvidere Lion Park, on Eighth avenue, after nightfall. The midsummer night’s festivals of the New York Liederkranz society are in keeping with the high reputation they have won and always maintained.”