Tony Pastor’s Opera House

Event Information

Tony Pastor's Opera House

Ballet Director / Choreographer:
Mons. Szollosy

Event Type:
Variety / Vaudeville

Record Information


Last Updated:
21 July 2016

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

28 May 1866, Evening
29 May 1866, Evening
30 May 1866, Evening
30 May 1866, 2:00 PM
31 May 1866, Evening
01 Jun 1866, Evening
02 Jun 1866, Evening
02 Jun 1866, 2:00 PM

Performers and/or Works Performed


Advertisement: New York Herald, 28 May 1866.
Review: New York Herald, 29 May 1866, 5.

“A new local drama, entitled the New York Ship Carpenter, in which the principal characters are a newsboy (Tony Pastor), a ship carpenter (G.F. McDonald), a tourist (J. Mack), was produced at this house last evening. The plot is made up of the struggle between capital and labor on the eight hour system, . . . The cast was very effective, and the play, to judge from the applause of the large audience, was a success. The usual songs, ballet, dances and comicalities preceded the drama.”

Review: New York Clipper, 09 June 1866, 70.

    “Last week a well selected bill was given, including, among the most prominent performers, W. H. Carleton, Irish vocalist and dancer, who is one of the greatest favorites yet recognized by the Bowery Boys; Jennie Engel, vocalist, has a style which seems to please better than any other lady that has ever appeared on the east side, for she is the only lady that has ever received three and four encores. This proves her popularity. G. F. McDonald is a great favorite in the afterpiece. The ballet is also an attractive card under the direction of Mons. Szollossy.”