Budworth’s Minstrels

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Fifth Avenue Opera House

Price: $.75 reserved; .50 orchestra; .35 dress circle

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4 August 2016


Announcement: New York Herald, 17 September 1866, 4.

“The new Fifth Avenue Opera House is more and more crowded as the members of the Budworth new and numerous company [sic] develop their talent.” Lists some performers and part of the program.

Advertisement: New-York Times, 17 September 1866, 7.

“Budworth’s Minstrels.—Mr. Budworth has one of the best troupes in the country, and we are pleased to notice its continued prosperity and popularity.”

Announcement: New-York Daily Tribune, 18 September 1866.

“Mr. Budworth has made haste to burlesque ‘The Black Crook,’ and his company accomplish the mirthful work in a clever manner.”

Review: New York Herald, 19 September 1866, 7.

“A small, but highly respectable audience attended at this [sic] deservedly popular place of amusement last evening, and were apparently well satisfied with the mirth-provoking performance of the evening. What with songs, choruses, and ballads interspersed with harmless yet irresistible witticisms, every one is put in complete good humor with himself and all the world around him; and the proprietors may congratulate themselves upon having succeeded in furnishing a pleasant place of resort, where the overworked citizen of this Metropolis may laugh and grow fat.”

Announcement: New York Herald, 22 September 1866, 5.

“Budworth’s Minstrels matinée performances commence at the new Fifth Avenue Opera House at the usual hour. This elegant establishment, in which Ristori rehearsed, has a most fashionable audience in the afternoon, as the entertainments are made particularly agreeable and convenient for ladies and children.”